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Roarin' RC-F coupe wakes up staid Lexus

2015 Lexus RC Coupe David Dewhurst Photography

The immediate descendant of the LF-A supercar, the RC-F is the wildest looking luxury coupe this side of the Jetsons' ride. More

Henry Payne: In the saddle of the transformed, new Mustang

The 2015 Mustang corners like a champ, with a sleek front end that has taken on a European feel. Ford

The new Mustang's beauty isn't just skin deep. Since the much-ballyhooed international announcement of a re-made, stunning 2015 pony car last winter, Ford has promised that the car's transformed, sports car-like exterior was also a harbinger for a sportier chassis. More

Honda, Chevrolet give natural gas a push for U.S. drivers

In its natural gas-powered 2014 Civic, Honda offers amenities similar to its other models: heated seats and a six-speaker sound system. Honda

Two automakers are making another run at selling compressed natural gas, or CNG, cars in the U.S., eyeing a market in commuters and efficiency-minded drivers. More

Trailers help put Montrose on map for car racers, collectors

Montrose makes all sorts of trailers — from those designed to be pulled by a garden tractor to those that can carry two two race or show cars.These trailers are designed and built in facilities on Ruth Street in Montrose Larry Edsall / Special to The Detroit News

Back in 1971, Gary Palinsky Sr. was looking for a utility trailer but he couldn't find one that met his needs. So he decided just to build one himself. More

Range Rover masters the climb

A new Range Rover leads a 25-year-old original model down from Mosquito Pass beside a steep 2,000-foot drop-off to the valley floor. Land Rover

At 10,000 feet and above the air becomes thin and saps the energy of both humans and vehicles. Stepping out of my Range Rover at the 13,188-foot-high Mosquito Pass in Colorado, I try jogging ahead on the trail to take some photos and quickly feel breathless. More

Nissan's small car excels at affordability

the 2015 Nissan Versa Note SR. The five-door hatchback is one of the lowest-priced new cars in the U.S. market and is affordable at the gas pump. Nissan / AP

The 2015 Nissan Versa Note five-door hatchback is one of the lowest-priced new cars in the U.S. market and is affordable at the gas pump, too. More

SRT wannabe: Dodge Dart GT

The Dart handles smoothly with front-wheel drive.tire cutline Dodge

The conservative GT was birthed in a different era. There's no room for 'conservative' in the new Dodge. What does GT portend for 2017 SRT? More

At wheel, we react poorly to trouble

Here's a little roadway research you might find enlightening: Pick a passing car at random and check it and the next nine vehicles for driver behavior. The results are scary. More

Miata slims down for 25th birthday

The redesigned Miata expands on the aesthetic of the rest of Mazda's lineup: narrow, squinting headlights etched into a sloping front grille. Morgan J Segal

Twenty-five years after resurrecting the roadster, Mazda has unveiled the latest version of its MX-5 Miata, the bestselling two-seat convertible in history. More

LEER unfurls new cover for pickup beds

The Trilogy tonneau folds into thirds for easier installation and enhanced versatility and is designed to keep rain out of the bed. Larry Edsall / Special to The Detroit News

LEER has been producing fiberglass pickup caps since the 1970s, and also makes fiberglass tonneau-style bed covers. But the Elkhart, Indiana-based company recently has added a new style of tonneau covers to its inventory — the Trilogy tonneau. More



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