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Track: Vintage car racer is 1st death in 32 years

Salisbury, Conn. — A spokesman for a Connecticut track says a man who crashed in a race of vintage cars is the first death in the historic-racing festival's 32-year history. More

Lexus CT 200H Hybrid: A thrifty reboot of the Prius

Lexus CT 200H

People today are demanding more than mere transportation from their spanking-new cars. Sporty-looking vehicles, for example, always sell well ... but it's thrift in the form of stellar mileage that now brings flocks of buyers to local dealerships. More

Battle of the Three-bangers: '14 Ford Fiesta vs. '95 Geo Metro

Sure, the terrific 1.0-liter Fiesta won International Engine of the Year. Ford wants 3-cylinder US bragging rights? It's gotta go through the Geo Metro first. More

California firm awaits orders to build $1M car

Galpin's 1,058-horsepower GTR1 does zero to 60 mph in less than three seconds. Buyers will get a crew to ready it for the track or street. Frederic J. Brown / Getty Images

Brandon Boeckmann slips into the driver's seat of the low-slung, gull-wing sports car, grins, and says, 'So, how fast do you want to go?' More

In-car alerts setting me off

Today I'm poking fun at a minority — new-car buyers. Every year almost three times as many consumers buy used cars rather than new cars. Yet automakers, via their sales forces, must listen to the wishes only of new-car consumers. More



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