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Bonus paychecks can get you into the buff(er)

I've got a number of good financial reasons to celebrate here in August. First, my boy, Funny Money Jr. or, as I call him, Li'l Money ('cuz that all he leaves me) will soon return to school, ending his constant and costly assault on America's strategic lemonade reserve. More

How much equity can you tap?

 Detroit News photo illustration

Home equity loans are back. The opportunity to get a cash-out refinance, home equity loan or home equity line of credit is once again alive and well. But how much equity can — or should — you extract from your home? More

The American consumer is back, with an asterisk

Marie Galvin, owner of GALVIN-ized in Boston, a custom hattery, says business is up. 'This year, since the Kentucky Derby, it all seems out of control. Everybody was shopping for good hats,' she says. Kevin G. Hall / McClatchy

Written off in the aftermath of the Great Recession, the U.S. consumer is back. Not quite with a vengeance, but definitely back. More

Women-owned businesses may still struggle to get bank loans

Marcia Cubitt, president of Essential Bodywear, left, talks with CEO Carrie Charlick about a bra in Commerce Township. The women-owned firm has been rejected for $500,000 credit lines since 2012. Paul Sancya / AP

New York — Women are a growing force in the business world, but if they own a company, they may still struggle to get a loan from a bank. More

Think strategically to advance despite dismissive manager

Q: My recent promotion has turned into a disaster. About three months ago, I was made an assistant manager at the fast food restaurant where I worked. Almost immediately, I was told that I was being transferred to another location because the manager there needed help. More

Everyone's job to initiate the new guy

A relative of mine is settling into a new job and feeling typical 'new guy' discomfort. As often happens, there's one person who's being downright unfriendly. More

401(k) survey suggests workers lag in research

Americans know that 401(k) retirement plans are important, but they spend only a moderate time researching investments and are often confused about how to pick the best funds, according to a new survey. More

Taking out loan on your 401(k) may not be worth the risks

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Q: My wife stopped working and started staying home when we had our little ones. Now we have a lot of credit card debt we'd like to get rid of. More

Talking finances can heat up a relationship

 Detroit News photo illustration

Financial planning may seem like an unlikely source of romance. But it turns out that swapping credit scores and setting savings goals is one of the best ways to build attraction. More

If disaster strikes, are you ready?

 Photo illustration by Diana McNary / The Detroit N

Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. It's not just wildfires that threatens our safety and financial well-being. It could be a flood, earthquake, landslide, or even a home or office break-in. More

Is there a way out from car title loans?

Q: My nephew got a title loan. The vehicle is not repairable, and he cannot make the loan payments since he has no transportation. He called them and told them he is going to give up his title and they can have the vehicle. They told him they don't want the vehicle — they want the money. More



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