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Millennial menace: Stay-at-home adults

Burdened by $85,000 in college debt, attorney Bobby Waltman lives with his mom and grandmother in a three-bedroom house in Huntington Beach, Calif. More

Throw the book at these tax myths

It's tax time, and that always puts me in mind of noted author and financial planning expert Mark Twain. We all are familiar with the vital, life-changing secret to financial success included in his seminal financial planning tome, More

Stocks unlikely to get off roller coaster

With the first quarter of the year just ending, the lesson of the stock market over the last three months has been: Don't peek. More

Job market study finds blacks lag whites, Latinos

African-Americans lag their white and Latino counterparts when it comes to employment and income, according to a new report released recently by the National Urban League. More

Many women still wary of stock market's risks

Whether it's relying on a spouse to handle household finances, being afraid of doing something risky with their money or just not feeling confident, women are less likely to take an active role in investing their savings. More

Employment search later in life poses unique obstacles to women

When Antonia Williams-Gary moved from Miami to Dallas a year ago, she wanted to do something different with her career. More

Office coach: Turn the tables on talkative co-worker

Q: I'm having difficulty with the person who was recently assigned to be my mentor. 'Mark' is supposed to help me learn procedures in the research lab where I work as a graduate assistant. More

Debt Adviser: Medical bills mar once-perfect credit

Q: I owe about $16,000 in medical bills thanks to inadequate coverage. I currently have COBRA health insurance from my former employer, and I also receive Social Security disability insurance. It wasn't enough to cover a recent medical problem. More

IRS budget cuts lower risk of getting caught cheating

Washington — As millions of Americans race to meet Tuesday's tax deadline, their chances of getting audited are lower than they have been in years. More

Parents, don't put all your savings in Jr.'s college fund

With all the hand-wringing over runaway college costs and recent college graduates struggling under the weight of more than $1 trillion in student loans, it's no wonder that some new parents start worrying about paying for college even before their babies More

Money Smart Week kicks off in Michigan

Money Smart Week has kicked off here in Michigan and all over the country, giving us all ample opportunity to go and grab some financial literacy. More

5 signs U.S. job market may finally be accelerating

Washington — Few people responded to the March jobs report with high-fives and cheers. But there may be reasons to applaud in the months ahead. More

Gay marriage laws raise health plan questions

Can companies that fund their own health-insurance plans refuse to extend benefits to their employees' same-sex spouses? More

Tax preparer talks job duties

The need for tax preparers is growing, and that's no surprise to Jessica B. Gatzke. More

Report: Half of payday loans result in fees exceeding original cash advance

— About half of all payday loans are made to people who extend the loans so many times they end up paying more in fees than the original amount they borrowed, a report by a federal watchdog has found. More

Couple chronicles strategies that paid off debts of $127K

Six years ago, Cherie and Brian Lowe decided they'd had enough with being in debt. The couple, who live in Greenwood, Ind., owed more than $127,000 in student loans, credit card bills, auto loans and more. More

Until loan repaid, co-signer is stuck

Q: My husband always had beautiful credit, but I'm worried that it's about to drop. He recently co-signed a private loan for my daughter, his stepdaughter, that she's now unable to pay. The payment is $360 a month. More



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