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Jobs on the endangered list

Flight attendant jobs, more plentiful in 1960, have dwindled as airlines have merged and cut flights, but the Association of Professional Flight Attendants president Anthony DeMaio says the industry has stabilized and are hiring again. Detroit News photo archives

Technology killed the switchboard operator, the lamp lighter and the ice cutter. And it's a threat for workers in a variety of other fields, from flight attendants to drill press operators to lumberjacks. More

Mortgage demand lags credit card use

With mortgage rates at record lows for the year, you might figure that demand for home loans would be high — but at this point Americans seem more interested in loading up their credit cards. More

College savings up, but still fall far short of costs

 Detroit News photo illustration

The good news is that Americans are saving more than ever for college. The bad news is that the average amount wouldn't come close to getting a person a degree. More

Banks taking on risk specialists

Credit-risk specialist Jody Martin, center, works with LaKisha Woods, left, and Hema Parekh at a Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond branch. New regulations aim to ensure lenders steer clear of risky practices. Diedra Laird / MCT

At a time when banks are trimming staff to lower expenses, one area of hiring remains hot: risk and compliance. More

Insurers warn tailgate thefts are picking up

Pickup tailgates frequently sustain damage, which has spurred demand for them as replacement parts or even scrap metal. Steve Perez / The Detroit News

The insurance industry is warning pickup drivers to watch their backs. Tailgate theft is surging. More

Try a united front to clear smokers from main entrance

Q. My problem involves the smokers who gather in front of our office. Because we work in a government agency where security is tight, all employees are required to use the main entrance. More

Ranks of workers lacking a college degree shrink

 Detroit News photo illustration

Landing a job that leads to a middle-class living may be getting harder for the two-thirds of American workers who aren't college graduates, as more employers demand bachelor's degrees from applicants, according to a new report. More

Airline stocks among high fliers

Delta Air Lines planes line up at Kennedy Airport last month in New York City. Most airlines have fully recovered from the recession and high fuel prices. Since late 2011, Delta shares have risen fivefold. Eric Thayer / Getty Images

You just spent a small fortune on airline tickets — and the extra charges for the bags — for your family's summer vacation. All your flights were packed with other passengers who also paid richly for the ride. More

Health coverage for retirees outside U.S. will vary greatly

Q: What advice on health insurance can you give to people planning to retire in India? Can we purchase an international health insurance policy for medical services there? More

Survey finds millennials not sold on credit cards

 Detroit News photo illustration

More than six in 10 millennials don't have a credit card, and only a minority who do have them pay off the entire balance every month, a new study shows. More

Hopes of jobless fade with time

unemployed Your Money 4-30-12 Detroit News photo illustration

The day Debra Wolverton was laid off from her retail sales job in June 2013, she stopped by some businesses on her way home in Austin, Texas, to ask for work. She was told to apply online. More

Cutting a king-sized cellphone bill for my princess

In the 1070s a girl's fondest hope wasn't for the latest iPhone but for a Princess telephone. Preferably in pink and with a dedicated land line for her bedroom only.

My wife, the long-suffering Mrs. Funny Money, is all thumbs. And I mean that entirely as a compliment. More

Key remedies for a rejected insurance claim

 Digital Stock

Keep calm and take notes. Stay true to this principle and you can improve your odds of successfully fighting a health insurer's claim rejection. More

To assert authority with wayward staff, partner with boss

Q. I am having difficulty with a newly formed team. As a project manager, I am currently responsible for overseeing two different groups. The experienced team is a pleasure to work with, but the new one has been extremely challenging. More

Women score jobs in video-game industry, but gender gap persists

More characters like Lara Croft would attract more women to gaming, says lifelong gamer Alice Hayden . Joe Burbank / MCT

With computer clicks and keystrokes, Carmela DeNero can put the spiral into a Peyton Manning pass, the speed into Adrian Peterson's touchdown run and the roar into a stadium crowd. More

Identity thieves prey on job hunters

Among the lowest forms of life on the planet are scam artists who prey on job hunters. More



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