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A rental car grace period? Better say your prayers

The nuns at old St. Mary's taught me that there were two kinds of grace: sanctifying and actual. But I don't think Sister Theresa traveled much, or she would have known there's a third kind of grace: rental car. More

Cash hoarding reflects consumer unease with the economy

 Photo illustration by Diana McNary / The Detroit N

With wounds from the Great Recession still fresh, chastened Americans are hoarding more cash in their checking accounts than at any time in the last 25 years. More

Most voters say stock market is rigged, poll finds

About 64 percent of the respondents -- and 62 percent of those who own stocks -- said they agreed with the statement: 'The stock market is rigged for insiders and people who know how to manipulate the system.' Eric Thayer / Getty Images

Nearly two-thirds of voters say the stock market is rigged against them, and a majority say Wall Street and big banks hurt average Americans, according to recent poll results released by a pro-regulation group. More

Verizon rewards program includes tracking

Verizon Wireless is launching a nationwide loyalty program for its 100-million-plus subscribers. More

Don't overspend on exchanging currency

 Stock Xchange

Headed overseas for summer vacation? It's easy to get hit with extra fees and expensive exchange rates when switching currencies. More

Questions surround the value of lower unemployment rate

As the unemployment rate has been shrinking to June's 6.1 percent rate, some analysts have been wringing their hands about the potential negative implications for stocks and the economy. More

Securing financial freedom paves way to retiring happy

In 2012, there were 43.1 million Americans age 65 and older. By 2050, that number is expected to reach 83.7 million, according to two recent reports from the U.S. Census Bureau. More

Social Security offices will keep verifying benefits

Field offices were scheduled to stop issuing statements in October as part of Social Security's efforts to provide more services online. Frederic J. Brown / AFP/Getty Images

Bowing to pressure from Congress, the Social Security Administration has said its field offices will continue issuing statements that recipients can use to verify their benefits. More

Professionals share tips to stay on task


A quick check of Facebook and next thing you know, a half-hour's passed. Start chatting with a co-worker and suddenly 20 minutes is gone and the report you were supposed to finish by lunch is late. More

Silly grammar mistakes that sink job applicants

Some employers won't care — or won't catch them — but mistakes in word usage can put your application in the reject pile. More

Husband's loan to subordinate crossed workplace boundary

Q: Two weeks ago, my husband 'Barry' unexpectedly came home from work with a large flat-screen television. He explained that one of his employees gave it to him as repayment for a loan. More

Likelihood of a pricier mortgage discourages people from selling

Ryan Carson and wife Jenny work in the kitchen of their four-bedroom Seattle home. Daughter Clara will soon have two siblings and a nanny is moving in so they could use more space, but with a 3.85 percent mortgage rate, they plan to stay put and remodel instead. Ted S. Warren / AP

Would-be home sellers across the country are grappling with a once-in-a-lifetime problem: They have mortgage rates so absurdly low it would hurt them financially to sell. More

Beware if you're meeting far afield

 Detroit News photo illustration

If you buy stocks on your own but aren't confident you are proficient enough with financial data to spot threats to your investments, here's one easy test that even a novice can master: Watch if a company you own schedules its annual meeting far from its headquarters. More

Workers not ready to retire try hands at 'encore' careers

After failing to find a job in his field, laid-off HBO employee Fred Wallace, right, took his marketing skills to a California nonprofit that helps young people transition out of foster care. 'It's terrific to know you can help an organization be better at what they do, you can give back, and you can earn a modest stipend,' he said. Gina Ferazzi / MCT

After Fred Wallace was laid off from a high-paying job in 2011, the 56-year-old knew the odds of landing a comparable position were slim. More

Chiding colleague for texting at wheel was the right call

Q: I'm afraid that I could be hurt or killed by colleagues who insist on texting while driving. Recently, one of my co-workers offered to drive us to a meeting with a new client. More



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