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About 30 films from around the world coming to Jewish Film Festival

In 'Dancing in Jaffa,' a man uses ballroom dancing to teach compassion. JCC Film Festival

The selections at this year's 16th annual Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival have range. They will be shown in an overlapping schedule, beginning tonight in Flint, then in West Bloomfield Township and in Ann Arbor. More

Tips for getting 'Frozen' out of your head

Parents fed up with the soundtrack of 'Frozen,' which seems to be stuck on repeat in their children's brains, may also not want to hear this advice from a music professor at Northwestern University, who regularly deals with unrelenting melodies. More

Pfister, Depp reunite for sci-fi 'Transcendence'

Walter Pfister, left, and Johnny Depp first worked together on a Paul McCartney music video. Zach Cordner / AP

For more than a decade, cinematographer Wally Pfister brought director Christopher Nolan's cinematic visions to life. Now, he's the one calling the shots. More

'Capt. America' tops box office for third week

Chris Evans, left, and Scarlett Johansson in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier.' Marvel Studios / MCT

Los Angeles — Captain America continues to vanquish box office foes, triumphing in ticket sales for the third consecutive week and beating formidable contender Johnny Depp. More

Review: 'Transcendence' devolves into standard science silliness

Johnny Depp plays a man whose intelligence is transferred to the Internet, giving him tremendous power, in 'Transcendence.' Peter Mountain / Alcon Entertainment

'Transcendence' just can't transcend Hollywood. What starts out as a fairly interesting look at the dangers and temptations of technology eventually devolves into a special effects-driven ridiculous ball of confusion. More

Review: 'Under the Skin' will get under yours

Scarlett Johansson stars as an alien who seduces and kills young men in Scotland in 'Under the Skin.' StudioCanal

Seductively eerie and serious, 'Under the Skin' is superb science fiction, yet not for the easily bored or frustrated. More

Review: Disney's 'Bears' is an adorable documentary

'Bears' follows a mama bear and her two cubs over a year in the Alaskan wilderness. John C. Reilly is the narrator. DisneyNature

Take a group of hardened criminals, sit them down and show them 'Bears,' and count the number of times they say, 'awww.' It would be impossible not to say it. More

Review: 'Dom Hemingway' has a temper — and uses it

Jude Law, left, stars as a safecracker just out of prison and Richard E. Grant is his old buddy in 'Dom Hemingway.' Fox Searchlight Pictures

'Dom Hemingway' isn't so much a story as it is a portrait of a poetic lunatic thug. Luckily, Jude Law brings just the right mix of swagger, lewdness and vulnerability to the film. More

Review: Rural town poison comes to light in dark, dirty 'Joe'

Nicolas Cage, right, plays an ex-con who meets a teen (Tye Sheridan) and is faced with the choice of redemption or ruin in 'Joe.' Linda Kallerus / Roadside Attractions

In a small Texas town, an ex-con leads a work crew poisoning trees so developers can legally knock them down to build houses.That job description offers an instant feel for the world of 'Joe' — rough, ugly, a bit crazy and dirty. More

Review: 'A Haunted House 2' is silly, gross, dumb

Marlon Wayans, right, again plays a man beset by demons in his new home in 'A Haunted House 2.' Gabriel Iglesias also stars. Open Road Films

At the point where they overlap you will find the fright film spoof 'A Haunted House 2,' a scattershot, anything-goes affair that's unapologetically stupid. Proudly stupid. Aggressively stupid. More

'Philomena' finds delight despite appalling reality

Judi Dench stars as 'Philomena.'

New and notable on home video this week are Oscar nominee 'Philomena,' underrated 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' and the enjoyable 'Black Nativity.' More

Review: 'Jodorowsky's Dune' details a director's unfulfilled vision

Artist H.R. Giger did design work on Alexander Jodorowsky's 'Dune.' He later made a name for himself with 'Alien.' Sony Pictures Classics

'Jodorowsky's Dune' is a documentary that looks back to the '70s when visionary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky tried to adapt Frank Herbert's wildly popular science fiction novel. It is possibly the most influential film never made. More

Marlon Wayans stretches his approach to comedy career beyond spoofs

Marlon Wayans wrote, produced and stars in 'A Haunted House 2,' a horror comedy with bits of parody. Will McGarry / Open Road Films

'A Haunted House 2' writer and star Marlon Wayans is trying stand-up copy after auditioning for a Richard Pryor biopic and made sure 'House' wasn't just an all-out parody. More

Review: Family is greatest strength of 'Heaven Is for Real'

Greg Kinnear, left, stars as a pastor and father of a son (Connor Corum) who claims to have gone to heaven in 'Heaven Is For Real.' Allen Fraser / Sony Pictures

Director Randall Wallace shows — as he did on 'Secretariat' and 'We Were Soldiers' — that the strength of a movie comes from a focus on family. More

Jude Law comes on tough playing an explosive thug in 'Dom Hemingway'

Jude Law says playing the brash and crude 'Dom Hemingway' was liberating as an actor. Nick Wall / Fox Searchlight

Dom Hemingway is brash and crude, loud, lusty and explosive. He's in your face at all times, a ticking time bomb of a man. More

Criterion Collection extends Hulu streaming deal

New York — The Criterion Collection and Hulu have extended their deal to keep the video platform as the exclusive streaming home of Criterion's vast library of art house films. More



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