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Review: Conspiracies and gunfire drive 'November Man'

Pierce Brosnan stars as a retired CIA agent brought back into the game in 'The November Man.' Aleksandar Letic / Relativity Media

Filled with efficient thrills, 'The November Man' is both more taut and tough than you'd expect from a late August spy action flick. Then again, it's produced by and stars Pierce Brosnan. More

Brawn and brains: 'Expendable' Dolph Lundgren is irreplaceable

Dolph Lundgren plays an unstable sniper named Gunner Jensen in 'The Expendables 3.' Phil.Bray

The 6-foot-5 Swedish movie tough guy is 56 now and still has biceps that would make the Incredible Hulk envious. He can do a great impression of Stallone. He meditates and seems at peace with himself. But it took a long time. More

'Guardians' retakes box office, tops summer films

From left: Zoe Saldana, the character Rocket Racoon, voiced by Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt, the character Groot, voiced by Vin Diesel and Dave Bautista in a scene from 'Guardians Of The Galaxy.' Disney / AP

New York —'Guardians of the Galaxy' became the summer's top-grossing movie at the North American box office with a $17.6 million weekend that narrowly bested the young adult melodrama 'If I Stay,' while the long-delayed 'Sin City' sequel, More

'Sin City': Rodriguez, Miller talk noir yarns, not social commentary

Writer/director Frank Miller, left, and director Robert Rodriguez arrive at the 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' premiere. John Shearer / Invision

When director Robert Rodriguez and legendary comic-book author Frank Miller released their movie 'Sin City' in 2005, they had few expectations they'd ever make the sequel that opened Friday. More

Overnight sensation is 15 years in the making

Chris Pratt, who stars in 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' is a film and television star. AP / Disney - Marvel

Now that the Chris Pratt hysteria of a few weeks back has somewhat died down, let's try to take an objective look at things. More

Review: Ultra-violent 'Sin City' sequel is ultra-repetitive

Eva Green plays a seductress and Josh Brolin the seductee in 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.' Dimension Films

'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' is ultra-stylized, ultra-violent and ultra-repetitive. It covers the same ground Robert Rodriguez's and Frank Miller's 'Sin City' did in 2005, to diminishing returns. More

Review: Two unlikely friends left running on empty in 'Are You Here'

Owen Wilson, left, Amy Poehler and Zach Galifianakis, star in 'Are You Here.' James Bridges / You Are Here Films

'Are You Here' too closely resembles its lead character — aimless, offbeat and a bit too taken with its own empty charm. More

Review: 'Game Stands Tall' is 'Friday Night Lite'

Alexander Ludwig, left, Jim Caviezel and Danny Ladouceur star in high school football film 'When the Game Stands Tall.' Sony Pictures Entertainment / Tracy Bennett

'When the Game Stands Tall' is a solid, if unsurprising and uninspiring, melodrama built around high school football, faith-based, but 'Friday Night Lite.' More

Review: 'Code Black' could use a few choice sutures

Code Black is used by hospitals when emergency waiting rooms are packed, which is a lot at Los Angeles County Hospital in 'Code Black.' Long Shot Factory

Underfunded and overworked. Buried in paperwork and hamstrung by regulations. Heroic efforts on a daily basis just to stay afloat. More

'Calvary' priest takes toll on Brendan Gleeson

Brendan Gleeson says that his role as a priest in 'Calvary' is 'the one that's taken the most personal toll on me as an actor.' Patrick Redmond / Fox Searchlight

When Brendan Gleeson was not quite 7, a Catholic boy growing up in Dublin, he had it all figured out. More

Review: 'Land Ho!' follows two old friends reviving their lives in Iceland

Earl Lynn Nelson, left, and Paul Eenhoorn are odd-couple old friends who travel through Iceland in 'Land Ho!' Andrew Reed / Sony Pictures Classics

'Land Ho!' relies on its own oddball charm and the beauty of Iceland to pull you in. Luckily, they're a fine if decidedly low-key combination. More



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