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Homearama design team spotlights luxury, fun, fantasy

An eat-in dining area at Greystone Manor, one of six luxury homes on this year's Ultimate Homearama tour, spills into the family room. Clarence Tabb Jr. / The Detroit News

For those who visit the return of Homerama, — a spectacle of six brand new multimillion-dollar luxury homes — memory points abound. It's like the Disneyland of luxury homes. More

Now's the time to seed your lawn, fix damage

Consistent watering will help your grass seed take hold and grow. Lack of water for six hours will kill germinating grass seed and new seedlings. PhotoDisc

Any bare spot in the lawn larger than 4 inches in diameter should be reseeded before weeds have a chance to sprout. The good news is now is the best time do the job. And this is also the perfect time to aerate the lawn. More

Ice Bucket Challenge has us put up or shut up

I guess it was only a matter of time before the chain reaction of a do-good movement came under attack by naysayers. The otherwise heart-warming Ice Bucket Challenge is under siege. More

Trendy yarn craft replaces knitting needles with arms

Lynette Halalay with her arm-knitted items. Photos by David Coates / The Detroit News

Earlier this year, Lynette Halalay reached beyond the art of hand-knitting when she embraced what's probably the hottest trend among knitters today: arm-knitting. More

Shrimp cakes won't make budget crabby

Almonds add the perfect crunchy crust to tender shrimp cakes. Kate Lawson / The Detroit News

I love crab cakes, but the price of crab causes me to cringe and my wallet shrink. So instead I make shrimp cakes, blending the ingredients, in the processor. More

Photos may show 'Detroit's Downton Abbey'

Janice Anschuetz of Ypsilanti with book of photos of the Whitney mansion. David Coates / The Detroit News

'Was this the Downton Abbey of Grosse Pointe?' Janice Anschuetz of Ypsilanti asked Libby Nolan at a recent Trash or Treasure appraisal session held at downtown's DuMouchelle Art Gallery and Auction House. More

Today's garage doors come in many styles

With so many improvements in the design and functionality of today's garage doors, it has often moved to the top of the home improvement 'to do' list and can be a great way to improve your home's curb appeal. More

Welcome Mat: The latest and greatest for your home

Pottery by Thomas & Sarah Gelsanliter will be at Franklin' Art in the Village. Thomas & Sarah Gelsanliter

Franklin hosts its annual art show, 'Ypsi Roadshow' offers antiques appraisals, the latest garden photo winner and more. More

Back-to-school sales can inspire office spaces

Poppin products, available at Staples, strike a colorful note in any designated workspace. Staples

Back-to-school supplies might be geared toward a younger crowd, but grown-ups can get in the game, too. As students stock up on all the essentials, adults can gussy up a home office space with inspiration from the same type of list. More

It's not too early to dress your mantel for fall

If you want to celebrate fall in your home decor, the perfect place to start is your fireplace mantel, one of your home's most visible spots. MCT

If you want to celebrate fall in your home decor, the perfect place to start is your fireplace mantel, one of the most visible spots in your home. Here are three beautiful looks we created to inspire you. More

Some tips on the art of decorating your den

Here's where a 'soft' color such as off-white, cool gray, soft lavender or a rich taupe can provide a visual break from the wall of black screens and displays. MCT

Dens are often designed to be 'man caves,' but that doesn't mean they can't be family-friendly, too. Regardless of the size of your den, it is possible to create an appealing space that can be enjoyed by every member of the house. More

Fabric-covered walls an easy, cozy DIY project

Instead of covering the walls in wallpaper, you can opt for a watercolor print from the home decor fabric collection California Dreaming. MCT

Instead of covering the walls in wallpaper, which is such a pain to remove, opt for lovely print from a home decor fabric collection. Covering a wall in fabric is easy to do — and when the time comes, easy to undo! More

Use a room in an unexpected way

A breakfast room in this house was converted to a home office. Think about the type of work or play area that is missing in your home. You might already have space that could be reorganized and redecorated. Vicki Payne / MCT

Just think about what your house is missing. Do you need a home office, crafting room, guest bedroom or perhaps a larger gathering space? Your house might already have the space if you take another look. More

Oakland Township site of Ultimate Homearama's return

Ten years after its last show in Metro Detroit, the Ultimate Homearama, a showcase of brand new high-end homes, returns to the region this weekend at the lavish Pinnacle luxury home development in Oakland Township. More

Win a copy of 'Little One-Yard Wonders'

An amazing collection of simple sewing projects for that little one in your life can be found in the just released 'Little One-Yard Wonders, Irresistible Clothes, Toys and Accessories You Can Make for Babies and Kids.' More

Mid-century modern in Bloomfield Hills showcases works from travels

The exterior of this 1950s Bloomfield Hills ranch house is very unassuming, very plain Jane. You have to wait for the 'WOW' factor when you step inside. More

House really all about the lives of its family

It took some time before I drive past 1720 Dorchester. As often you tell yourself, 'It's just a house, it's just a house,' the emotional frame of reference does not easily correlate. More

Buckles just right for summer fruit and growing kids

Jack, his bike and his buckle. Kate Lawson / The Detroit News

Jack. was a toddler when I first met him, and he's now he's a rugged rough and tumble kid. Jack also likes to help his mom in the kitchen and loves to bake. More

'River of creativity' flows with furniture making

Artist Sue Kolb sits among her twig and pottery chairs at her studio. John M. Galloway / Special to The Detroit News

When Sue Kolb of Ortonville spends time up north, she sometimes takes a break from fun activities to hunt for twigs in ditches. She uses the branches to construct the twig furniture she makes and sells under the name Red Pine Pottery & Twigs. More

Inspect your trees for their danger potential

A leaning tree can be a signal of trouble, especially if there are exposed roots or a mound of soil near its base; a storm bringing straight-line winds can topple such a tree. Joe Raedle / Getty Images

One of the great charms of older neighborhoods is the stately centennial trees that line the streets. But aging trees can become hazards if they are not cared for. More

Framed paintings are diamonds in the rough

Sandy McCarroll with two oil paintings by Archie Palmer Wigle. David Coates / The Detroit News

Sandy and Gerry McCarroll of Grosse Pointe Park seem to have that Midas touch. A few months ago, Gerry picked up two oils discovered in a pile in the basement at a Grosse Pointe estate sale. More

Nautical is nice when done with light touch

A headboard made from oars joins lake-themed pillows at Harbor Town Interiors in St. Joseph. Beach memorabilia is appealign because it often reminds us of time spent on the water. Jeanine Matlow

Nautical knickknacks don't have to be kitschy. Luckily, there's no shortage of tasteful maritime decor that lets us celebrate the Great Lakes State without going overboard (pun intended). More

What it means to really be 'neighborly'

Being a good neighbor starts with a face-to-face introduction. I know it's considered old-school, but your kids probably do it all the time. More

Let gold shine on in home decor

Depending upon your passion for gold, you can go high luxe by washing your room in it. Or you can add just a glint here and there to thread in a tiny touch of luster. More

Can contemporary design include crystal chandeliers?

The 12-light Brentwood chandelier by Crystorama features glass and polished chrome with a shade. MCT

Most would think a crystal chandelier would be all wrong in a contemporary setting. Not true. It depends on the metal finish and whether the fixture has lamp shades. More

Make a kitchen menu board

A menu board also can be useful for communication between family members. MCT

Create a chalkboard to match your decor by adding a thin plywood panel to the back of a pre-made picture frame that matches or coordinates with your decor. More

Welcome Mat: The latest and greatest for your home

Find tips for flooding cleanup; see the Marshall Home Tour; find the latest from Crane & Canopy; and much more. More



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