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Experimental Ebola drug heals all monkeys in study

Tobacco plants are grown in a controlled environment at the Kentucky BioProcessing facility in Owensboro, Ky. The company is using tobacco plants grown at this facility to help manufacture an experimental drug to treat patients infected with Ebola. Kentucky BioProcessing

An experimental Ebola drug healed all 18 monkeys infected with the deadly virus in a study, boosting hopes that the treatment might help fight the outbreak raging through West Africa — once more of it can be made. More

Michigan colleges screen students with Ebola in mind, U.S. colleges screen some students

Dr. Robert Palinkas, director of the McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois, in an exam room in Urbana, Ill. Michael Conroy / AP

Buffalo, N.Y. — College students from West Africa may be subject to extra health checks when they arrive to study in the United States as administrators try to insulate campuses from the worst Ebola outbreak in history. More

Shades of Pigpen: We travel with our own germs

Dylan Gilbert, 7, of Naperville, Ill., demonstrating how he helped collect samples of bacteria from his foot during a 2012 study. Gilbert Family

Washington — Sorry, clean freaks. No matter how well you scrub your home, it's covered in bacteria from your own body. More

U.S. to begin testing Ebola vaccine next week

A healthcare worker walking near a Ebola isolation unit wearing protective gear against the virus at Kenema Government Hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone on Aug. 12. Michael Duff / AP

Washington — Federal researchers next week will start testing humans with an experimental vaccine to prevent the deadly Ebola virus. More

Ebola outbreak traced back to single funeral

Augustine Goba, laboratory director at Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, where the virus has exploded. Stephen Gire / Science

A single funeral caused many. Stephen Gire and other health researchers on the ground in Africa had some hope that the Ebola outbreak was coming under control or at least plateauing in late May. Then came the funeral of a healer in Guinea. More

Tripping seniors on purpose to stop future falls

A University of Illinois-Chicago physical therapy assistant professor Tanvi Bhatt, left, walking along side Mary Kaye, 81 as she demonstrates a treadmill balance session at the school in Chicago. M. Spencer Green / AP

Chicago — Researchers are tripping seniors on purpose, and it's not some kind of warped practical joke. More

ALS hits jackpot with 'ice bucket challenge'

People pour ice water over themselves during an 'ice bucket challenge' fund raising event in Bangkok. About a thousand people turned out to raise money for the fight against ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. Sakchai Lalit / AP

In the couple of hours it took an official from the ALS Association to return a reporter's call for comment, the group's ubiquitous 'ice bucket challenge' had brought in a few million more dollars. More

Health coverage can be battle of attrition for sick

Insurers can no longer reject customers with expensive medical conditions thanks to the health care overhaul. But consumer advocates warn that companies are still using wiggle room to discourage the sickest — and costliest — patients from enrolling. More

UN health agency: E-cigarettes must be regulated

An electronic cigarette is demonstrated in Chicago. The U.N. health agency recommended Tuesday that nations regulate electronic cigarettes and ban them from use indoors until the exhaled vapor is proven not to harm bystanders. Nam Y. Huh / AP

Geneva — The U.N. health agency recommended Tuesday that nations regulate electronic cigarettes and ban them from use indoors until the exhaled vapor is proven not to harm bystanders. More

House calls can save on elder care, study says

Since Beatrice Adams found a doctor who makes house calls, and the 89-year-old hasn't needed ER care. Molly Riley / AP

Ten or 12 times a year, Beatrice Adams' daughter would race her frail mother to the emergency room for high blood pressure or pain from a list of chronic illnesses. More



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