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La Feria Tapas executive chef says mac and chorizo is as big a hit

Macarrones Con Chorizo as prepared by Pilar Baron-Hidalgo of Detroit's La Feria Restaurant. She recommends serving her dish along with a good Spanish red wine. Clarence Tabb Jr. / The Detroit News

Pilar Baron Hidalgo, the executive chef and co-owner of La Feria Tapas Restaurant in Midtown, has particularly fond memories of her mother's recipe for Macaroni with Chorizo and Tomato Sauce that she is sharing here today. More

Spoon bread moves to center stage

Gooey corn spoon bread is like a souffle for the soul.

This dense yet seemingly light and airy is like a souffle for the soul. I like making it served piping hot with nothing more than a salad. Meatless Mondays are the best time to make it but really, this dish a hit no matter what the day or occasion. More

1 short list, 5 great meals

By Thursday, it will be time to treat yourself to this flavorful steak with nutrient-packed Swiss chard and classic garlic bread. Anna Williams

Read on for a shopping list and recipes for five easy weeknight dinners: Roasted Chicken with Cauliflower and Chickpeas, Lamb, Potato and Leek Stew, Buttery Shrimp and Radish Pasta, Steak with Swiss Chard and Garlic Bread and Spring Vegetable Pizzas. More

Good stuff: Snack cheese, cooking tip and taco event

Sargento Tastings are specialty snack chunk cheeses. Sargento

A tip for what a hard-working cook can stand on to relieve joint pain, a taco tour event and Sargento's new specialty snack chunk cheeses. More

Chocolate pudding from scratch is a snap

Unbaked puddings, like this one, get their richness and thickness from a mixture of cornstarch and egg yolks. Faith Durand

Rich and creamy chocolate pudding is a forgotten classic every sweet-lover should know by heart, and knowing how to make it from scratch is like having the golden key to an infinitely adaptable winning dessert. More

Metro Detroit food calendar

Enjoy a spring pasta dinner, learn about classic cocktails or Indian cuisine, attend a wine tasting and more. More

A bit of char makes broccoli irresistible

Serve this tasty dish hot or cold. Faith Durand

This recipe roasts the vegetable until it's quite tender in the center, and until the broccoli florets develop a bit of char around the edges. This adds much flavor to the toasty, garlicky dish in just a few minutes. More

'Wine Warriors' has potential to elevate Michigan winemakers

Brian Lillie, left, Marie-Chantal Dalese, Bob Begin, Nadine Begin, Mark Johnson and Bill Autenreith work at The Chateau Chantal, one of three wineries on the proposed show. Photos by Dale G. Young / The Detroit News

Local producers are pitching a show about northern Michigan winemakers to TV networks. The show will follow the industry's 'bumpy road from grape to glass' by focusing on three Traverse City vintners and their daily struggles. More

Let's Talk Food: Purple yams, and what are your favorite whimsical foods?

The purple yam looks like a regular sweet potato on the outside, but cuts open to a deep natural purple (with occasional white streaks). I like them mashed with a little butter and salt. Maureen Tisdale

Purple Okinawa Yams or Sweet Potatoes are positively Seussical — deep-purple, sweet, cake-like, SO fun for kids or summer picnics — and one my favorite things to put in my mouth. How I make 'em, how to get 'em and what are your favorite whimsical foods to buy or make? More

Japanese eatery aims to be versatile

Owner Takashi Yagihashi is ready to get to work at his new Slurping Turtle restaurant in Ann Arbor, which opens Monday. Melody Baetens / / The Detroit News

Award-winning chef Takashi Yagihashi is eager to open his new restaurant Slurping Turtle in Ann Arbor. The goal: 'We want to make sure people are happy.' More

Pair leftover eggs with holiday ham for imaginative dinners all week

Adding ham and horseradish to the filling ignites a tasty spark in what was once deviled eggs. Kate Lawson / The Detroit News

Go beyond ham sandwiches and soups to try a variation on a deviled egg using cooked ham, make edible ham cups for your next brunch or enjoy ham and egg pizzas or empanadas for a weekend lunch. More

2014 is the year of the egg

Topping with an egg to finish off a dish, like with this Middle Eastern squash, is one of the trends pushing eggs to be a big deal in 2014. Matthew Mead / AP

Eggs are showing up fried on burgers, baked atop casseroles and poached on pasta. Any time has become egg time as this versatile ingredient has gone far beyond breakfast. More

Chef shows off the beauty and benefits of chocolate in cheesecake

Espresso powder enhances this dessert. Rattlesnake Club

Executive Chef Chris Franz of the Rattlesnake Club in Detroit has created the ideal dessert in the spirit of celebrating dark chocolate for health, Easter — or anytime for that matter: dark chocolate cheesecake. More

Good Stuff: Graters, doughnuts, Earth Day cocktail

Each super-sharp, stainless steel grater comes in a collapsible colorful container for easy storage. Kuhn Rikon

Super-sharp new graters, a greener cocktail for Tuesday's Earth Day and a new doughnut shop with 19 different glazes and 14 different toppings for design-your-own treat fun. More

Metro Detroit food calendar

Classes on spring brunch, wok dishes, bistro classics, kids cooking, plus wine events, last of the Lenten fish fries, a soul food celebration and more. More

Sweet Potato Fries — good to eat and good for you

These sweet potato fries are cooked in a lot less oil than the twice-fried version Americans eat most often. Dan Goldberg and Ron Hamad

Sweet potato fries are a great alternative to regular potato fries because they are packed with vitamins and minerals. A healthier alternative is to roast the fries in the oven with just oil coating the potatoes. More

Passover-friendly sliders are quick, easy, delicious

Chicken fat, duck fat or extra-virgin olive oil can flavor these bun-less sliders, which are coated in matzo and go great with sweet potato fries. Matthew Mead / AP

For a quick easy meal during Passover, which continues through Tuesday, try these sliders. These bun-less burgers are dipped in beaten eggs, coated with seasoned matzo meal and fried in either olive oil, Passover margarine or, for the absolute best flavor, chicken or duck fat. More

Try a more traditional hot cross bun

Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, hot cross buns were once great yeasty yellow buns, highly spiced and chock-full of candied fruits and raisins — very different from today's common bakery offerings. Here is a more traditional recipe. More

A healthy roast bird helps welcome season

The chicken's own juices help to flavor its herb sauce. Matthew Mead / AP

Our spring feasts — often centered around Passover and Easter — typically call for a center-of-the-plate star like brisket or lamb. For a lighter alternative, how about this Simple Roast Chicken with Fresh Herb Sauce. More

Celebrate spring with the lovely leafy salad greens of the season

Tender, sweet spring leaves, tart, crunchy Granny Smith apples and the gently licorice flavor of crisp fennel combine for a significant salad that's a symphony of textures, delivering the cheering taste of spring in every bite. More



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